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Story :


Our story began with a simple idea to create a full-service agency that provides the best quality with competitive prices, this idea began to encourage our founders to take the initiative and start placing the corner stone for the brand that will embody our vision and mission.

Vision :
Our Vision is to become the best option for all the brands, tackle and master each & every aspect of the marketing & advertising spectrum, to become the ultimate marketing & advertising services provider for brands of all sizes and orientation.

Mission :
Our mission is to create a safe haven for all the brands can seek refuge and for us to guide these brands through its journey in the market covering all aspects, we aspire tackle all branches of marketing & advertising with the highest quality and the most creative solutions.

Services :
PR :
- Widening your base by having numerous public figures and celebrities supporting your brand- Planning an event with numerous celebrity invitees
Social Media Handling:
- Moderation, Understating your consumers’ everyday needs- Creating a well-studied content strategy and targeting strategy
Media Production :
- Highly qualified production team of photographers, videographers, art directors & editors- Creative directors

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At Fivemnkys we help you define and sharpen your vision and then help you bring it to life in a way that connects emotionally with your audience. Founded in 2019, our one-stop Advertising Agency helps bring brands into the spotlight.

We’re passionate about helping you find your creative voice. We guide our clients through the minefields of modern business, helping them thrive in a fast-changing world. In so doing, we leverage each company’s unique strengths to build a personalized roadmap to success. Talk to us about what we can do for you.



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25 Shokry Abd El Halem Street, Takksim Lasilki, New Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

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